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Carlos D'l Puerto, bass
Cesar Lopez, alto sax & vocal
Alexis Bosch, piano & keyboard
Joaquin Moré, vocal
Grethel D'l Puerto, flute
Miguel Valdez, trumpet
Amhed Ponce, drums
Eliel Lazo, percussions & vocal

MIXING: Kim Engblom
PRODUCER: Carlos D´l Puerto
PRODUCTION: Oy Ensio Music Ltd


PHOTOS BY: Uma Keränen, Marco Hakala
LAYOUT: Uma Keränen

Europe: Virpi Koutu,
North-America: Susan Sillins,

Recorded at Tampereen Tullikamarin Klubi, Finland. April 2005.


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Carlos D´l Puerto in english

Bassist, lecturer, composer, arranger and author, Carlos D'l Puerto was born in Cuba in 1951. He comes from a long line of outstanding bass players and after following an extensive classical training at Havana's Amadeo Roldán Conservatory, he began a professional career performing and recording with several renowned orchestras. In 1967 he joined the Cuban Modern Music Orchestra, where he met Paquito D' Rivera, Arturo Sandoval, and pianist Chucho Valdés. In 1973, they founded the legendary group, Irakere. In 1979, they earned a Grammy award from the U.S.A. Arts Academy for Best Latin Recording and they were nominated again in 1980.

D'l Puerto is credited with literally redefining Cuba's musical education by introducing electric bass techniques and Cuban rhythms in the music school system. He has been awarded two of Cuba's highest honors: the Order for National Culture, and the Cuban Republic's Pedagogical Merit Award for his contributions to the development of art and education. In 1995 he received The Certificate of Appreciation by the City of Los Angeles & Certificate of Honor by the City of San Francisco, USA.

He has written four books for the bass guitar techniques. His book, "The True Cuban Bass", published in 1994 by Sher Music Co.( San Francisco CA.) is used by respected conservatories, and is consider by many, as the "Latin Bass Bible". He has been the Head Teacher of bass faculty at Cuba´s National School of Art, Superior Institute of Art, and he is also a faculty member at the Bass Collective in New York City. Mr. D'l Puerto was interviewed in a set of 6 CD's, for the Smithsonian Museum's (Washington), Jazz Oral History Program.

D'l Puerto leads extensive clinics and master classes as a Yamaha Artist throughout the world at some of the most prestigious universities and conservatories such as Berklee College of Music, Stanford University, California Institute of the Arts, Duke Ellington School of the Arts (U.S), Banff Centre (Canada) Musician Institute (London) Pop & Jazz Conservatory (Finland) among others.

Cuba is the superpower of rhythm and Finland the heart of Scandinavian tango.

Cuban bass player Carlos D'l Puerto co-founded the legendary group Irakere along with pianist Chucho Valdés, alto saxophonist Paquito d’Rivera, trumpeter Arturo Sandoval and singer Oscar Valdés. Over thirty years ago D’l Puerto paid attention to the fact independent of political junctures, Finnish hearts were beating to the pulse of Latin rhythms: the son music of Cuba and the salsa of New York. Neutral Finland thus entered the alliance with Latin music and rhythms long before the rising fever of Buena Vista Social Club.

After 28 years with the Grammy award-winning Irakere, D'l Puerto decided to put the technique of electric bass playing and Cuban music into textbooks and conservatory courses. At the beginning of the new millennium he found a new residence for himself in the town of Turku, the former center and capital of Finland. From Turku, this bass player has lecturered at the most prestigious music colleges, conservatories, bass clinics and music festivals all over the world, as well as focusing on the local and national institutions of musical learning, orchestras and concert halls in Finland.

Besides his own group , Nganga, this superb Cuban bass player has participated in Finnish big band projects and school orchestras naming the pulse that so generated the musical Esperanto and common language each of us understands. Here in Finland he has transplanted Finnish music into Latin music atmosphere and inspired and encouraged Finnish orchestras to play Latin, especially Cuban, music.

In the spring of 2005, after two-years of planning, Carlos D'l Puerto accomplished his long time dream by bringing together his old playmates and members of the new generation of Afro-Cuban musicians to form a new group around him. The musicians took an airplane from the island of sugar to Finland and there the first performances of the Impacto Cubano Orchestra were realised in Turku, and at the April Jazz Festivals in Espoo and in Tampere.

The line up of Impacto Cubano includes saxophone player & singer César Lopez who has performed in Irakere and now leads his own band; Miguel Valdés, trumpet player with Omara Portuondo, the famous Cuban female vocalist. The flute player of the new group is Grethel D'l Puerto, daughter of Carlos D'l Puerto. She has attained a classical music education and degree at Havana's Conservatory. The singer - or sonero - of the octet is Joaquin Moré, tenor singer with the Cuban Opera, who because of his voice and surname reminds us of the legendary Benny Moré (1919-1963): The meaning and importance of the late Benny Moré among Cuban people is as big as the influence of Olavi Virta here in Finland and Frank Sinatra in America . Now the young Joaquin Moré brings heat to the bolero of José Antonio Mendez

The music of Carlos D'l Puerto & Impacto Cubano will measure the breadth and pulse of Afro-Cuban and Latin jazz, traditional son and modern Afro-rhythms. Side by side with the compositions of D'l Puerto, César Lopez, and the amazing pianist Alexis Bosch and the duelling percussions of Eliel Lazo and Amhed Ponce, one can now find the hot sauce of rhythms of the Mexican cha-cha-cha of Alberto Dominguez with the Puerto Rican mambo of Rafael Hernandez.

Turku, September 2005

Track Info Samples
1. Chinchorrero (Cuban-Descarga) 5:33
Alexis Bosch
Arr. Alexis Bosch, FIEMS0500004

2. Frenesi

(Cha-cha-cha) 3:08
Arr. Alexis Bosch, FIEMS0500005

3. Tu y Yo

(Danzon-cha) 9:16
Carlos D´l Puerto
Arr. Alexis Bosch, FIEMS0500006

4. De Tu Sonrisa Vivo

(Salsa) 4:40
César López
Arr. César López, FIEMS0500007

5. Pas De Deux

(Percussion Duo) 2:20
Eliel Lazo / Ahmed Mitchel

6. Ahora Serémos Felices

(Mambo) 3:40
Rafael Hernandez / Alexis Bosch
Arr. Alexis Bosch, , FIEMS0500009

7. Munalongo

(Afro) 12:08
Carlos D´l Puerto
Arr. Carlos D´l Puerto, FIEMS0500010

8. Mi Mejor Canción

(Bolero) 4:08
José Antonio Méndez
Arr. Alexis Bosch, FIEMS050001§

9. Alegrate Juan

(Son) 7:07
Alexis Bosch
Arr. Alexis Bosch, FIEMS0500012
10. My Syncopated Love (Latin Jazz) 10:52
Carlos D´l Puerto
Arr. Carlos D´l Puerto, FIEMS0500013
Tu y Yo, Munalongo, Pas e Deux and My Syncopated Love are published by Oy Ensio Music Ltd.

© Oy Ensio Music Ltd 2005